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Features – Health Passport



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Your Health Passport features a range to tools to help you self manage your condition.

Keeping track of your symptoms and triggers can help you manage your condition better. Does stress bring on your asthma? Have your Peak Flows suffered?

It can be useful to keep an eye on your medication use. If you have asthma maybe you are forgetting to use your Preventer? Or maybe your Reliever use is creeping up?

Mood and exercise can both be implicated in how well your feeling about your condition. As well as traffic lighting mood and exercise you can add a personal note.


Health Plans like the Asthma UK Asthma Action Plan can make a huge difference to keeping you out of hospital and preventing flare ups. Having your action plan on your phone means you can keep to your agreed medication plan and try and avoid potential triggers.

In case of an Emergency your Crisis Plan will guide you or those looking after you what to do. You can also share your crisis plan from the App directly to a Teacher / Friend or Family member. Or anyone you want involved in your care.

Your data is stored securely in the Cloud allowing you to sync between devices such as a tablet and a phone. All your data (except the Crisis Plan) is encrypted on the device unlocked with your phone's fingerprint sensor or a passcode.